Bartlett Space – Day 2

by on Jun.13, 2012, under Business, Events

Day 2 at the new space. Tonight we cleaned out all the sheet rock we brought down yesterday and then we pulled up all the carpet.

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MidsouthMakers Moving To Bartlett

by on Jun.13, 2012, under Business, News

We signed the lease today and we’ve already started making our changes. The biggest thing we need to do before we start moving stuff in is take down the walls we want to take down. We made a lot of progress tonight. We will be up at the new space likely every night this week working.

We’re still going to have a big move day, we’re still not sure exactly when that will be but we’ll announce it when we know.

Progress from tonight: (Lots of sheetrock dust)
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Midsouth Makers Twitter Campaign

by on Aug.23, 2011, under Business, Events

What are you doing waiting on alt text?! Get to it!Attention! We are looking for a few good men and women to help spread the word about the Midsouth Makers this Labor Day weekend. The goal is simple – put up as many Midsouth Makers QR flyers as you can, and tweet about them using the knowledge you gained from our Twitter class. You can pick up QR flyers at the space or you can print off your own using this link.

Once you have your flyers, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to a public location
  2. Get permission to put up a flyer
  3. Take a picture of the flyer you placed
  4. Tweet your picture @MidsouthMakers, or tag your tweeted picture with the following hashtag: #MMContest

The person with the highest number of unique locations where they have placed signs will be declared the winner, with unique locations being indicated by unique tweeted images. To encourage you to fight the good fight, we’re going to offer the following rewards:

1st Place: MidsouthMakers Stein & 1 Free Workshop Pass
2nd Place: MidsouthMakers Pint Glass & 1 Free Workshop Pass
3rd Place: MidsouthMakers Rocks Glass & 1 Free Workshop Pass

Not so fast, recruit! While on this assignment, you must obey the following rules:

  • You must have permission to place flyers at the location. No sneaky business!
  • You must tag the image with @MidsouthMakers and #MMContest
  • This contest will occur Labor Day weeked (Sept 3rd, 4th, & 5th)
  • If the enemy captures you, you must tell them all about us and our operation!
  • All prizes will be given away at the Sept. 9th meeting at Republic Coffee.
  • Don’t forget to bring tape to put up flyers!

Good luck, and remember – no guts, no glory! Now move out!

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Board Meeting May 9th 7pm @ The Space

by on May.09, 2011, under Business, Meetings

Our next board meeting will be Monday May 9th at 7ish PM at the space. Any paid member is more than welcome to join us. Our board meeting format is a bit more formal than our regular meetings but don’t let that dissuade you from joining us if you’d like. The current agenda looks to be a lot of event planning discussion. If you’d like to help or have any ideas or if you’d be able to teach a class, feel free to stop by the board meeting and let us know.  If you’re unable to make the board meeting and have some ideas about events or anything else, feel free to email the

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Local Memphis Hackerspace is Growing, Looking for a space

by on Apr.15, 2010, under Business, News

Looking towards the front of the space

Fellow Members, Builders, Tinkerers, Creators, and Makers,

Today, four of the board members met with a real estate agent, Bud Worsham, to scope out a potential space. We wanted to give Bud an idea of what we were about and what kind of space we were interested in. He showed us a small 1800 square foot warehouse at 132 Cumberland St. pictured is the inside of it. This did a couple of things for us. It gave us the feel of what we might be able to obtain as a group, a little better understanding of the interactions needed to obtain such a space, and an idea of cost that we could expect. The cost is slightly daunting at first, but is certainly not out of reach if we can all pull together to accomplish what we want.

At first glance it seems that everyone is very interested in the idea of having a space to work on projects and various other events. The catch is that everyone seems very interested, but lacks the interest to assist in the formation of a location of our own. This puts us in a very strange position. We need members to have funds, we need funds to have a space, and we need a space to have members. It becomes cyclical very quickly, and if we are unable to break that cycle, we will stagnate equally as fast. All of this means that we simply cannot do anything without biting the bullet, pulling together, and building our funds before we have a space.

With that being said, everything that we have asked for thus far in the way of dues is not mandatory. Since it is very obvious that we do not have a space to provide in turn for a fee, we are unable to set any sort of dues that could even remotely be considered mandatory. In fact, we never have, and never will set any type of mandatory payments so long as a space is not provided. It is best to instead consider this a pledge or donation to the group for a means to accomplish the goal that we have all expressed interest in. So currently we ask that anyone who wishes to assist us in moving forward, make a donation to the group. If it is a monthly pledge, fantastic. If it is a one time thing that you can do, wonderful. Every little bit helps, and we can’t make any of this possible without the help that you can provide.

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