Family Membership

  • 2 Full Memberships for 2 adults.
  • 2 Guest passes that can be used by spouses, relatives, dependents, or visitors.
  • All dependents are allowed to visit as Guests with parental permission and supervision.
  • $75 per month.

Single Membership

  • 1 Full Membership for 1 adult.
  • 1 Guest pass that can be used by a spouse, relative, dependent, or visitor.
  • $45 per month.

Education Membership

  • 1 Full membership for 1 adult.
  • Only students and faculty with proper proof of their status are allowed to obtain Education Memberships.
  • 1 Guest pass that can be used by a spouse, relative, dependent, or visitor.
  • $25 per month.

Guest Passes

  • Guest passes are intended for people who would like to visit the space with a full member.
  • Both full members and guests must sign a liability release form to enter the space.
  • Guest passes do not entitle guests to use tools, though they may do so if they are under the supervision of a full member.  Full members always take priority over guests for shop resources.

Our membership prices only cover the cost of maintaining our space and its utilities, and do not extend to supplies, special workshops, or events.  If you have a special financial circumstance or you are unable to pay dues for any reason, please contact a board member directly, or email as soon as possible.  We will do our best to accommodate your situation!

Becoming a Full Member


We require all of our full members be of at least 18 years of age. We welcome family and children of our full members; however, anyone under the age of 18 must also be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is a full member.

Membership Application

There is a two step process to join the Midsouth Makers.  First, you can start the process by filling out our membership application and paying the $25 application fee.  Once your application has been completed and your application fee is processed,  you will become a Probationary Member.

Probationary Membership

The probationary period typically lasts for 1 calendar month. During this period, probationary members are encouraged to attend Midsouth Makers meetings.  We want probationary members to be diligent in coming to meetings and to make a good attempt to get to know our current members – speak up, introduce yourself, and get involved!  Once a probationary member has attended at least 2 regular meetings, they will need to begin to seek out 2 board members to approve their attendance and participation.  After obtaining the approval of 2 board members, probationary members will become eligible for full membership.

Every week, all full members will receive a list of all probationary members who have become eligible for full membership. The current membership will then have 5 days to raise any issues they may have with a probationary member by notifying a board member, or the board directly. If no issues are raised, the probationary member will be promoted to a full membership.

If any issues are raised with the probationary member, the board must either agree upon terms to resolve those issues and provide the terms of resolution to the probationary member or the board may deny the probationary member a full membership and refund their application fee.  Once all issues are resolved to the board’s satisfaction, the probationary member will be promoted to a full member.


If you have any further questions or issues regarding membership, or just wish to contact us, we have several means to do so listed on our Contact Page. Feel free to drop us a line any time!

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