Meeting: February 5th 2010

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The Group

Pictures by John Wood.

Well folks, this was the second meeting we ever had, and it actually went quite well.  At least better than I had expected.  People actually showed up!  No no, ok so seriously though people came with lots of good ideas and a lot of interest in the whole thing.  Which by my standards is excellent for where we’re at.  Now granted, it did run a little long, but that’s because we actually have a lot to talk about.  Which is also excellent.  I promise, the next meetings will be a little less business, a little more fun, and a good bit shorter.  Some of that we’ll have to figure out as we go.

Hopefully though, this did allow everyone a little bit of insight as well as encouragement for what this can turn into.  I also hope that everyone got a little bit of a feel for what kind of people we’re looking for to be in the group.  I encourage everyone, to right now bring anyone that you can think of who might enjoy all of this.  Members are the biggest thing we need at the moment so bring everyone you can.

Also, the meeting notes are up on the wiki, and pictures are up on flickr.  Don’t forget to go checkout the pictures.

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  • Kevin

    Sounds like you guys had fun! Too bad I missed it! Of course, if you could hear me now, you’d laugh! :) SQUEEK!

  • jim pruett

    FYI, I clicked on the picture and it took about 5minutes to load…

  • John

    I’d like to thank everyone who made it for coming out. Except for the room being a little chilly I think the night went well and was productive too.

    For those who missed out…? well, hopefully you can make it to this Friday’s meeting.

  • Dan9186

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    jim pruett:

    FYI, I clicked on the picture and it took about 5minutes to load…

    That would have to do with the fact that the picture is roughly 2.5 MB. I’ll have it resized shortly.

  • Mike

    I enjoyed the meeting and think we have a lot of good ideas, working on the flyers etc and hoping to get a couple of new people this week. Looking forward to another meeting.

  • Jim Hill

    This was a great few first steps in the right direction. I am excited and overwhelmed but very optimistic.

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