Do It Yourself Raised Flower Bed, Raised Garden

by on May.16, 2010, under Projects

Planted Raised Flower Bed

Planted Raised Flower Bed

The goal of this project was a cheap and easy design of a do it yourself raised flower bed. The benefits of a raised flower bed are better soil drainage so that the plant’s roots aren’t in compacted, water logged soil, better control of soil mixture, and extended growing seasons since raised beds warm up sooner in the spring, and stay warmer longer in the fall than traditional flower beds. This was a very quick project to set up, I think we spent more time wandering around Lowe’s than we did actually putting the container together. You can easily go buy a prefab raised flower bed for about $100. The frame itself, plus the landscape fabric to put under it to keep weeds out, cost us less than $60. We haven’t bought any soil or plants to put in it yet, those are coming in a few weeks. This was much more of a spontaneous idea. 

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  • Ed Stafford

    Oddly enough, I did something similar earlier this year. The differences being I used 12″ 2×4′s on the outside instead of your 1×2′s on the inside. They make a darn easy garden that, if you don’t end up liking, you can disassemble and have your grass back in a month (VERY rich soil after sitting there for a while.)

    Also, if you have a trailer, the soil is usually cheaper to buy from a garden center/nursery in the form of Pro-Mix (for flowers) or Garden-Mix (for veggie gardens). It just weighs a WHOLE lot, so be careful.

    If anyone wants detailed plans/instructions, just lemme know.

  • Dan Patrick

    Cool idea! My parents are really into gardening and have a massive garden. If I had a yard, I’d definitely put it to use. Mowing lawn is boring. Weeding and growing a garden is thrifty and efficient — just my style.

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