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Midsouth Makers Meetings Moving to CBU

by on Mar.19, 2010, under Meetings

A small map of where we'll be.In case you have not been informed, hopefully you have, but just in case. The Midsouth Makers meetings are moving. As you can see from the location info on the right hand side here, we are now meeting in the Nolan Engineering Building at Christian Brothers University. Many thanks goes to Dr. Ventura and CBU for this one. They have been watching over us almost since our conception as a group, and had a reasonable amount of interest in what we are trying to accomplish. Even more so now than ever before, everyone is encouraged to bring anything you wish to show off to the meetings. We’ll have plenty of room and plenty more people who will be interested in the various projects found at our meetings. We hope that this new location will prove to be not only beneficial for us, but them as well. This will be a great opportunity for us to expand now that we have more breathing room. There are several interesting projects this year from the seniors so keep your fingers crossed, we just might get to check some of them out.

Directions are relatively simple, and we really hope you don’t get lost. You will park in the Central Ave. parking lot and head north towards campus where you will quickly see the Nolan Engineering building. Typically the glass doors closest to the parking lot are locked during the evening so you may wish to try the next set a little further down on the building. Once you’re inside just head up the stairs on either end of the building and we’ll be in room 241 (the numbers are listed over top of the doors.) For anyone that feels like they need it, there is an elevator in the center of the building. In the event that you do get lost we have one other measure in place. You’ll be able to find our signs around campus with our logo and arrows on them directing you to the room. If you have any issues, questions, or all around problems don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to info@midsouthmakers.org.

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Memphis Hackerspace March 5th Meeting

by on Mar.05, 2010, under Meetings

We had a great meeting tonight thanks again to everyone who came out and special thanks to those who brought projects to show off. Tonight we learned about using a vinyl cutter to create custom stickers and we learned how to mod a Montblanc pen refill to fit into a much cheaper pen casing. We also got a few more ideas for a space since we seem close to outgrowing Republic Coffee. A few of us showed up early to join in on the local 2600 meeting, they were a great bunch and we had a few stay for our meeting as well. The local 2600 group meet the first Friday of the month and they seem very interested in a Memphis Hackerspace. We’ll share the pictures from the meeting and of the various projects that were shown off soon.

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Memphis Makerspace Feb 12th Meeting

by on Feb.13, 2010, under Meetings

Again we’ve survived another meeting.  Based on comments I’ve heard about the last meeting, this one was quite a bit shorter.  We were actually out of there by about 9:07 PM in comparison to our last time of 10:30 PM.  I think we just got a little over excited about how things were going.  Anyways to all of those who weren’t there or couldn’t make it, you were missed, and to all those that were, thanks for coming.

In all, we got a good bit done.  We discussed the MidSouth Con and our involvement there (people are still needed for this, projects too.)  We tried our hand at tying a few knots and braiding some rope for a nifty way to store it.  Other than that we spent a good deal of time chatting about what we’d like to do and ways that we can accomplish this.  Hopefully if new people keep showing up like they have thus far, we’ll be able to obtain a space sooner than we expect.

Thanks again to everyone for coming, see you next Friday, and don’t forget to try and find more of our fellow geeks!

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