RepRap Buildoff Prusa Mendel 3D Printer Event

MidsouthMakers has always been largely interested in 3D printers. Sonny jumped right into the world of 3D printing. He used his Makerbot printer to begin building his first RepRap Prusa. He led the charge and helped other members such as Dan, Ben, and Claudio jump into 3D printing with their own printers.  We’ve always gained a lot of interest as a hackerspace from our wealth of 3D printing knowledge.

Sonny came up with an idea for an event that we would spend a weekend doing a boot camp type 3D printing event.  The idea was that we knew people were interested in 3D printing, and the common roadblock was that they just didn’t have the know how to get up and going. So from this MidsouthMakers presents it’s RepRap Buildoff Event. The RepRap build off is a 2 day event in which we show up with everything you need to build your Prusa 3D printer and we spend a day building it with you, hands on. The next day we teach you how to use it to start printing your own objects.  We’ll help you get up and running and you’ll be able to benefit from our own experiences in building our own printers. We’ll show you the tricks we’ve picked up so you won’t make the same mistakes we did.

What we do: We’ll be building a Prusa Mendel RepRap. There will be 2 levels of machines. The basic model will provide you with the minimum setup needed to get started. This will include the Sanguinololu electronics, a wades extruder, and a basic hot end. The deluxe model will include RAMPS electronics, a heated bed, a Makergear extruder, and Linear motion bearings. The tentative pricing for the basic and deluxe models are $500 and $850 respectively.  We also do a large plastic order in advance so you’ll be able to save on shipping and on plastic via our bulk order.’

How to participate: Each person will show up Saturday morning with a few basic tools. All of the required prusa parts will be purchased and organized in advance. We’ll spend Saturday and Sunday morning assembling the printers and Sunday afternoon will be spent tuning and printing. You will walk away with a completely functional printer and enough knowledge to start using it.

When: Our first RepRap Buildoff Event is February 11th and 12th in Nasvhille, TN. Hacker Consortium of Nashville will be hosting the event for us. If you are interested in being apart of our next RepRap Buildoff Event please contact us at


Warranty: You will have the same sort of warranty as if you sourced the parts yourself. The MidsouthMakers group and build leaders will try to help with any issues, but provide no expressed warranty.

Early Purchase: Because we are trying to accomplish quite a bit in one weekend we attempt to keep a strict uniform list of parts.  We do bulk ordering in advance of the event in order to secure the best pricing for the event so we require advance payment. You will not be able to bring parts ordered in advance to use in the build. A deposit will be required to secure your spot in the next build off. Space is limited, there will not be refunds on deposits however you may transfer your spot to another party as long as our build team is given notice.

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