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Hello, and welcome to Pan vs. Dude, the show where we teach random dudes how to cook things, sometimes even in pans!

I’m your host, Adam Poorman, and today we’ll be going to the mailbag to find a food related question to tackle.  Let me just dig into the bag here and… alright, I’ve got the request we’re going to fulfill today! It is from Mark Oppen, and he writes, “Dear Adam, please teach me about Crisco. Specifically, I’m curious about subnetting and Layers 1 to 3 of the OSI model.”

Well, this is a bit of an usual request. Okay, so Crisco is a brand of shortening useful in many recipes. Personally, I prefer traditional lard shortening when cooking, but I can understand how the budget conscious chef might prefer to go the Crisco route.

Now, let’s see… subnetting? That’s not a cooking term I’m quite familiar with, Mark. As for layers, I guess you mean that you’re baking something with Crisco that’s going to have layers? But what’s this about an OSI model? Are you making some kind of Crisco based layer cake model? Wow, that is an oddly specific question. I’m really not sure where to go with this request. Oh – wait a second, my producer is telling me that I’ve misread your card.  Perhaps he can help shed some light on this question.

What? Cisco? Networking equipment?  I don’t undest- oh, okay, I see what’s happened here. I’m so sorry Mark, it looks like your letter was meant to go to our sister show, LAN vs. Dude.  Well, unfortunately that’s all the time we have this week.  Join us next week for another amazing adventure on Pan vs. Dude, the only show that answers your cooking questions, whether we understand them or not!



What: The Midsouth Makers are hosting a Cisco Lab which will cover some networking fundamentals, as well as topics such as subnetting, Cisco IOS
command structure, basic device configuration, Layers 1-3 of the OSI model, routing/switching, and VLANs.

When/Where: This Saturday, September 24th – Noon @ the space

Cost: $10 for Members / $20 Non-Members

Signup on our events page now before the class fills up:

We will also be hosting a cookout and gaming night at 6pm on Friday, so come for the Cisco lab and stay for the


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Luna Moth Sculpture Class

by on Aug.30, 2011, under Crafts, Events, Meetings, News, Presentations, Workshops

Good day, dear reader! Might I interest you in in a chance to cultivate your cultural side? Would you be interested in indulging in a bit of art?  If so, then indeed, the Midsouth gentle Makers will be hosting just the event for you!  At Noon on the 10th day of September in the year 2011, it will be our pleasure to host a class on sculpture.  Those in possession of minds sharp enough to participate can look forward to the opportunity to construct an elegant luna moth, such as the one represented in the following depiction:
What an elegant piece of art! And you say you made it yourself?
This will be an intermediate level class, but it should prove simple enough for any clever rapscallion who genuinely wishes to participate. We are charging a paltry $20 per person to partake in this opulent opportunity. This cost must be pre-paid prior to the occurrence of the class, because the cost will go towards the procurement of the appropriate materials. Those of keen mind can sign up at the following link:

We encourage our participants to provide any extra embellishments they might wish to use to distinguish their sculptures. Specifically, the discerning sculptor might want to bring some flat backed cabochons, or “glass beads” as the Plebeians say, that can withstand temperatures of at least 300°F to embellish their creation. Lastly, were you to be so fortunate as to possess sculpting tools already, such as an acrylic rolling pin or brayers, we would humbly ask that you bring these along with you to the class. We sincerely look forward to the honor of your presence!

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What is Twitter? Free class, learn how to use

by on Jul.07, 2011, under Events, Meetings, Presentations, Workshops

twitterWhat is Twitter? Are tweets, tags, and other Twitter text causing you confusion? The Midsouth Makers will be hosting an “Introduction to Twitter” class on Friday, July 15th from 7:30pm until 8:30pm to guide you through the twists and turns of Twitter! Learn the basics with us in this fun and free class taught by an actual human being! We’ll be hosting the class at Republic Coffee (2924 Walnut Grove Rd) in their large conference room in the back. Sign-up for this class at the following link: (though you are always welcome to show-up on Friday even if you haven’t signed up!).  Feel free to email us any questions, comments, or critiques at  #seeyouthere!

Topics to be covered include:

  • What is Twitter?
  • Creating an account
  • Twitter vocabulary
  • Best Twitter practices
  • and more!

So if you – or someone you know – would like more information on Twitter, sign up on our Events page, then come see us on July 15th!  And remember, there is no charge for this class.

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Vehicle Maintenance June 25th Noon @ The Space

by on Jun.11, 2011, under Events, Presentations, Workshops

Saturday, June 25th, the Midsouth Makers are hosting a class on basic vehicle maintenance.  If you’re interested in learning more about your car or truck and how to perform common maintenance tasks on your own, feel free to sign up at  This class will be performed using hand tools, both to show “how” and “how easy” it is to do these things.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • “Under the Hood”
    • Alternator
    • Distributor Cap
    • AC Compressor
    • Battery
    • Serpentine Belt
    • Power Steering Pump
    • Spark Plugs
    • Air Input Ducts
  • Standard Fluids
    • Oil
    • Transmission
    • Power Steering
    • Brake
    • Windshield Wiper
  • How to check air pressure
  • How to change air filters and windshield wipers
  • How to change a serpentine belt
  • How to change out spark plugs and wires

If we have enough time, we will also attempt to cover how to change a tire and go over some more advanced topics, such as sensors, fuel rails, and a few other things.  We look forward to seeing to you there!

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    What is Fiberglass? Learn how to Fiberglass with MidsouthMakers

    by on Jun.06, 2011, under Events, Workshops


    For those of you that were not able to attend for one reason or another, we made a DVD for sale so you too can learn the secrets of fiberglassing. Of course, those that attended may also purchase a copy of the DVD as well. The cost of the DVD is $5.00 payable as a donation to the group. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this DVD, please let us know and Kevin will have them at the meeting this Friday for pickup.

    The long awaited, highly anticipated event of the year is finally about to take place! Meeting Sharon Stone? Nope. Getting to blow up Mount Rushmore? Wrong again!

    Learning how to fiberglass?  Bingo! This Saturday, June 11th at 11:00, the Midsouth Makers will be hosting a how to work with fiberglass 101. The cost is only $5! Ever wonder what is fiberglass? Come learn the basics class which will teach you the fundamentals of working with fiberglass enabling you to start using your new skill immediately to start making really cool stuff.

    If you have something you would like to try your hand at custom fiberglassing, please feel free to bring it with you! There should be plenty of resin and matting to go around!

    WHEN: Saturday June 11th 11am
    WHERE: 2203 Freemont Rd. Memphis, TN 38114
    COST: $5 per person

    It WILL be HOT, but if fiberglass insulation makes you itch, then wear long sleeves! Preferably a light cotton shirt that you don’t mind disposing of afterwards.

    We hope to see you there!

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