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Front Panel Display for a Rep Rap 3D printer

by on Jul.20, 2011, under Arduino, Arduino Projects, Electronics, Projects, Prusa

Ben sent me this writeup of his progress on his Rep Rap Prusa printer. Here’s his progress using one of the teensyduinos that PJRC: Electronic Projects with Components sent us.

I am currently building a rep rap Prusa 3D printer and one feature I want to add is a Graphic Display to display the nozzle temperature and the heated bed temperature. Once I had the Teensy in my hands, I rummaged through my parts bin and found a 128×64 graphic LCD.

As an Arduino newbie, I was blown away how easy the Arduino environment is to get up and running. Within minutes, I was able to get the IDE installed and the Libraries installed for the Teensy.

Using the GLCD example on the Teensy’s website, I populated my breadboard. The Crystal Fontz LCD (CFAG12864B-YYH-N) I used in the project has the NT7107C driver, not the KS0108 found in the GLCD example. The pin out on the Display ended up being different, but worked just fine.

My plans are to use the I2C output on the GEN7 Prusa electronics to send the temperature data to the Teensy over the i2c bus. For prototyping, I used the “Bus Pirate” to send i2c commands to the teensy to simulate the GEN7 electronics.

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LCD and the Arduino

by on Mar.10, 2010, under Projects

My LCD display from Adafruit has been staring at me for awhile now and I finally pulled it out and started tinkering with it.  The hardest part about working with it out of the box is soldering headers onto the LCD board.  In a convoluted and more playful fashion I used an old Cisco serial cable and a small mint tin to connect the 16 leads of the LCD to a small breadboard.  Following a pinout diagram from Hacktronics I connected the arduino to the breadboard and a 1k ohm resistor.  After verifying continuity with a multimeter to all leads I uploaded the code I got from Hacktronics.  After the Arduino rebooted the result felt like an application of Clarke’s Law.  Its really just proof of concept level implementation but it taught me about the LCD library and soldering techniques.

It kind of looks like a hack job…because it is 🙂

Arduino + LCD

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Our First Wiki Article

by on Jan.19, 2010, under News, Projects

In case you haven’t noticed the links at the top, our wiki and forum both are now listed up there.  To top things off they work too!

Currently I have been primarily focused on the wiki.  The main goal of it is to document any and all projects that we have in the organization, individual or group.  Since we are built around open source components and basing a lot of projects off of info shared by others, it’s only fair that we do the same.  This is not to say that we won’t necessarily patent any of our projects, but the ones that aren’t and maybe even some of the ones that are will be shared on there.

As part of trying to get all of this up and going, I have started work towards putting one of my personal projects up.  My project is currently not finished, but I do have various components of the overall project that have been completed.  So that is why, the very first article on our wiki is the LCD article.  So go check it out, tell what you think, and look back for more.

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